Friday, March 13, 2009

8 down from an unlikely tourney

I've been pretty much stinking it up in grand fashion lately. I did get my 8th 4 figure score for '09 the other night though in the bodog 15k guarantee that starts at 8:30 est. Got 3rd for about $1,700. The very next night I final tabled the same tourney and got 6th for $670. Pretty much everything else has sucked. I have started playing an every other thursday live game with my neighbor Brad and 6 other guys that consists of a $5/$10 limit mixed game dealers choice of holdem, omaho hi/lo, and a variant of seven stud hi/lo they call chuck and roll. This last game is my favorite. Each player is dealt 4 cards face down. Next each player throws away one card, then rolls one of the remaining 3 cards face up. From there it is played out as regular 7 stud hi/lo. Initial buyin of $300 and play is extremely loose. Usually 5 of 8 players still in pot at showdown. It is a refreshing change from straight nl tourney grind. Got deep in one bbt4 blogger tourney (brit blogger game last sunday but AK < A9 aipf for chip lead 6 handed. Wouldn't have gotten a ton of points for the win given the $5 buyin but the seat to the final showdown for the 2 main event packages would have been nice. Note to like Lucko next time:)
ALL for now.

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lightning36 said...

"Run like lucko>"

Ha ha -- he made a deal with the devil. Nobody runs like lucko.